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177.73 is out


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Xfastest have done it again and snagged these latest drivers.

 Operating System: Windows Vista 32bit

 Driver Version: 177.73

 Driver Date: 2008-07-17 (YYYY-MM-DD)

 Driver Size: 39.2 MB

 Driver Released by: NVIDIA - OEM

 MS WHQL Certificate: False

 Setup Files Included: True

 International Files: True

Vista x86

Vista x64

WinXP x86

WinXP x64

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Installs fine, even without the modded INF.

Control Panel is in place.

16:10 resolutions are left out for me again, but now at least I can add them in the custom resolutions menu without problems (so far CP has always crashed when testing the custom resolutions with the 177 drivers that didn't initially suport them).

PowerMizer seems to be working fine, but even downclocked, the fan spins like a mother! My laptop just got a lot noisier, at least up until now. Doesn't feel hotter, though.

I'm not a benchmark guy, but Mass Effect seems to run a lot smoother with 177.73!

Thumbs up for this one! :)

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