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Need Quadro FX 570M driver...


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Hi people!!

First of all thanks for the great site and all the support to us, nvidia-based laptop owners!!!

I've got a question.. why can't I find Quadro drivers in here? I'm searching for Quadro FX 570M specifically...

Because I'm softmoding my 8400GT to a Quadro FX series, and I found out the 570M uses the same chip (G86M). But I need the driver for it... so, does anyone know where can I get it?

Or... will a desktop driver works in my laptop??? (a quadro one, I am already using a modded .inf desktop driver in my vaio)


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I found a quadro 570m driver on lenovo's website for both xp and vista

Hears Vista 570m Vista

Hears XP 570m XP

And I think you can use a modded inf with any recent quadro driver and get it to work, but I'm not sure

Hears a recent workstation driver from Fujitsu/Siemens Workstation

Hope this helps :)

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Guest Guest

It is not true, that fx570 have the g86m, has g84m, because I have one.

You can't softmodded any quadro since 6800gt (not mobile, of course), don't try it.


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