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I have install alot of games that requires alot of performance and other that dont,

they all run great BUT for some reason, every few seconds or so when you're

moving on the screen, it 'stalls' for less than half a second.. very annoying!

What i mean by stalling is that the screen movement 'stutters' for a split second and then

continues on it's way.

I have a Toshiba satallite p100-435 Intel Core 2 Duo with Geforce Go 7600 512 dedicated

Please someone help me

(I have try alot of diffrent driver)

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Have you made sure your BIOS is up to date? I have heard about quite a few Toshibas which had this problem but were fixed by a BIOS update.

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Also update game(s), OS (Vista?) and nvidia drivers.

If it still doesn't fix it, it may be a screen issue and might need to be sent back under warranty..

I've had this problem once upon a time, and it turns out the flex cable was slightly loose, dropping my screens reaction time to slow as hell levels (Ie; down from 8ms to about 40ms :\ )

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