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Code 12 w/ AlienwareM5550 and 8600M GS 512


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Hello everyone,

I´ve been reading through all these forums w/ rapt attention for the past two weeks in anticipation of my video card upgrade. I finally made the plunge and got a hold of an Nvidia biosed 8600M GS 512 and installed it to my Alienware M5550 (M5500i-R3). Things have not gone well.

With a full reinstall to XP MCE 2005 I´m getting a code 12 in the devise manager

This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use.

(Code 12)

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.

When in safe mode I can check the ¨Resources¨ tab and see that:

Conflicting device list:

Memory Range C0000000 - CFFFFFFF not available.

Memory Range B2000000 - B3FFFFFF not available.

Unfortunately for me, the Use automate settings checkbox is selected and greyed out as is the Change Setting... button. >__<

How have you guys gotten around this? Any suggestions?

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Well, I've solved the issue.

The latest 2.07W BIOS is incompatible with the 8600M GS 512 video card (as evidenced above). I downloaded the 2.06W BIOS from here:


That fixed my problem. The video card is now up and running in full 1920x1200.

unfortunately the 2.07W is necessary to have 4gigs of RAM, so I'm back down to 2 until another BIOS comes out from alienware (heh) or I can research some compatible bios from the similar laptops...


Alienware M5550

t7200 Core (2) Duo

2 gigs RAM

nVidia 8600M GS 512

2.06W BIOS

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