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Drivers that eliminate input lag for GF8600MGT


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I have a GF8600 MGT with 512 MB DDR2 memory and if i turn on some blooming efects or af in games i get serious input lag, even if the framedrop is not very big or even if there is no framedrop seen. I have vista x64 bussiness version, i installed 169.12 drivers from laptopvideo2go site, then the lag was very serious, then i installed 167.43 WHQL drivers from the same site and the lag was smaller but it still existed, even the score in vista has jumped by 0.1 up... in nvidia control panel i have all optimisations turned on, i tried also to change options but the lag was bigger...

any suggestions?

thanks in advance

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Guest Guest

hi, i have/had the same problems with desktop graphic cards (6800GT, 7900GT and 8800GTS512) and all drivers i used so far.

even with old games like Quake3 you can notice inputlag just by enabling AF/AA.

funny thing is with an ATi 3850 i could enable AF/AA as i wanted and there was no input lag.

i agree it has to be something with drivers, since i cant manage to get my 8800GTS512 to full load with Qauke3 even with highest AF/AA settings and

why should there be an input lag if the gpu does not even run at full load?!

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If you guys are using the modded INF, then try finding the line in the INF that says "lvds_reduce_freq" and changing the value from 1 to 0. Then, you must reinstall the driver, of course.

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I have tested some things, i tried to use newest NBF mobileforce drivers, there was an option like prebuffer frames in directx applications or something like that, default was on 3, i turned it to 0 and then the lag was very very little, even invisible...



HKR,, LVDSReduceFreq, %REG_DWORD%, 0

I tried with this option and nothing has changed, lag was the same

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