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  1. 1. Are you satisfied by the quality of this driver and can you recommend it for other users?

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Guest Hannes The Hun

again, independently from the OS you're using, for PhysX support on your geforce card (minimum 8xxx series) you NEED at least a CUDA-enabled driver version, and you can only be sure with a 177.xx release to work.

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Even with Geforce PhysX enabled, I can't get the PhysX maps in Crazy Machines II working.... it still gives the same error..... AGEIA PhysX card required.... WTF!! :) :)

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Has that game been updated for use with GeForce PhysX? Games not updated for GeForce PhysX will not work on it.

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I have no idea... so basically, then there's no hope to getting it work ? Wouldn't the game company have to update to make it compatible with Geforce PhysX ?

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Which driver version are you using? If you are not using one of the latest versions (177.xx), it may not work. Or, it may be possible (but not likely) that PhysX has not been enabled on that card, yet.

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8600M GT sli

I've installed the 179.79 drivers then installed this physx driver. They showed up but didn't show the demos. repair installed and the demos showed up. Still no change in in 3dM06 though.

What is going wrong? Do I need to install cuda too or is it there already? Is it something else?

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From the looks of it, you have GeForce PhysX working. It will always tell you there is not AGEIA PhysX installed, because there isn't. This is referring to the actual PhysX PPU.

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