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Using NiBiTor v4.4


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How do I use this darn thing? It says I need an NVIDIA BIOS .rom file or an NVIDIA BIOS .bin file. Are these video card BIOS or are they standard BIOS for the machine? If so where do I get them for my card? My manufacturer doesnt have them on their site.

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You can either save the BIOS from your card using GPU-Z (right next to the BIOS number, it has a icon which you use to save..) OR you can go to (in nibitor) Tools --> read BIOS --> select your device, then Tools --> Read BIOS --> Read Into Nibitor

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Tried the icon. It said BIOS reading isnt supported on this device.

In NiBiTor I tried to read the BIOS and my GPU wasnt on the list. It showed something that was labeled as DeviceID 0405 (Unknown) and that was it. I selected it anyways and selected read into InBiTor and it said the current BIOS id was unknown.

Any other programs I can use to modify fan speed? I have tried Riva Tuner, Speed Fan, nTune.

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