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My Dell XPS M1530 8600m GT won't OC!


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Hey guys,

I've been out of the scene studying for me CCIE for the last year. I finally finished and want to game no now, but I bought Bioshock and it needs a little uumph. I have a M1530 with the 8600mGT and GDDR3. I'm running Vista 32. I've tried several drivers and none of them will let me change the clock settings in Rivatuner or Ati TOOL. I change it and then the clock settings get changed back. I've tried the 169 drivers and fell back to 158 as well. Seems nothing letting me change the clock. Appreciate everyones help.



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They are right in this website. Just go to the corresponding thread for the driver you want to download.

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i recomend you download 177.66 located here


also download driver sweeper' its a free applications.

You need to uninstall the display driver, then restart the machine. once you install 'standard VGA adapter' you need to

boot into safe mode. then run driver sweeper

then restart, and install new driver. make sure laptop is pluged in to mains. install rivatuner, don't install cool bits, or any other overclocking tool.

then rivatuner will map the driver, and then you can overclock. remember to tick the options for run at startup.. etc..


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Ok Dale, welcome to the forum.

tactical: Hope you've solved your problem now.

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