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Dox's Enhanced INF for Clevo Laptops 177.83


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New INFS up and ready for the newly released driver 177.83.

Also for the few who use Vista x64 this is the first release :)

Lots of little bug fixes in the driver from the last release, I think I have ironed them all out.

The INF has been updated again since the last release to version 2.50 for all drivers.

I think I'm quite happy with this INF version and won't be fiddling about with it too much in the future

Major Changes:

-Vista x64 debut

-Removed sub ID of cards so it should install on all cards regardless of the sub id in your laptop.

so for example if you have a 7800 GTX it will install regardless of what sub ID you have for your card.

-Removed quite a few D3D/OGL settings so users have full control of the nvidia control panel to determine their own Image Quality/Performance using the nvdia control panel.

However I still left some and added additional optimisations in the INF to improve image quality, performance and stability.

-I have added lots of tweaks to try and improve:

  -Compatibility for SLI users

  -The use of Multiple monitor

  -Lower the GPU temp

Dox's Enhanced INF for Clevo Laptops

Driver works with the latest physx to enable gpu physics acceleration, on 8800MGTX atleast.

UPDATE for Vista x64 users with trouble

Please see first post in my thread:

Update: New Builds for Vista x64 2008-08-14

Some users are reporting problems with the vista x64 build of my infs.

I am not sure whether it is the inf or due to the driver itself as a user reported it to be working fine with his system.

Regardless I've uploaded for different builds of my infs for those with problems with the released version.

Build 1 = clevo default INF settings modded to be compatible with 177.83

Build 2 = d3d/ogl tweaks removed

Build 3 = removed tweaks to do with sli/thermal/powermizer etc

Build 4 = "next release" alpha, added a few experimental settings

It would be great if those with issues try these builds and see what works.

If none works then try pieter's inf from the relavent thread.

If one of them works I can determine the culprit to your woes.

Download the new trouble shoot buil from below: vistax64_troubleshoot.zip

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Clevo Laptops only? Not for Toshiba systems??

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it is made for clevo users in mind.

however it can be used/ installed on any system if the card is supported.

I've known a user who used it on his/her dell laptop and found it to work.

further questions please post here:


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