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Error need Help with 8600M GT

Guest tayhaithian

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First, I would make sure your game is completely up to date. Sometimes, games are not compatible with Vista until they are updated. Also, I would look at the Add/Remove Programs menu and get rid of alot of the crap that comes with the system. You have way too many background processes running. If none of this works, there always is good'ol WinXP :)

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uhm yea update your drivers to the latest ones...

try to update your game...

right click whatever icon you use to open the game, click properties, go to compatibility, and click the box that says "run this program in compatibility mode for" and select "windows xp (service pack 2)"

and finally when your ready to run the game right click the icon and click "run as administrator"

see if all this helps... good luck!

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Guest tayhaithian

i have updated the particular driver ( provided by the laptopvideo2go main page ) and patch of games to the latest but still the same stuff happening .

Even though using compatibility to SP2 .

Hopefully some1 know how to read the error(coding) with the screenshot , understand and solve it .

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I can't remember if I had the exact same error when I was running vista... but i did the following and stopped a few nVidia errors.

Press 'start + r" keys, then type msconfig.

Go to start-up applications and stop everything that is unnecessary.

For example

Install shield


any cd copying software

additional software - MS office, adobe etc.

- Nvidia has three services, and two of them can be disable. (disable both except for the one that specifies its the display driver)

Also if you are going to play a game, then quit gadgets. That sucks up some processing power.

If you are not confident in doing this, don't be afraid. You can just enable it again then reboot. So maybe, disable 2 at a time.

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