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fx 1600m problem


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Hi all,

i have strange problem, looks like my graphic card is sort of under performing...i mean only 2160 points in 3DMark06 (proc 2000 points, graft 600 and 700).

Laptop is HP 8710w 2,4ghz, 2gb ram, 1600m 512mb.

Is there an option i missed or need to activate?

Also, from nvidia driver site, i downloaded 8700gt driver, coz people say that its the same card and it can help improve things in games but instalation is stopped right away telling it s a wrong driver :S:S


It reports exactly: The Nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit.

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Changing a driver can make all the difference. You may want to try 177.92 (latest drivers)

If you do want to use the driver you mentioned earlier, then you can install it using the 'have disk' method.

go to system properties/hardware profile/display adapter and click on update driver. then select install from a specific location, then select don't search i will choose driver, then select have disk.

This will allow you to install that driver.

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Thx guys! :)

It worked, 4706 points with 174.74

Only question left: i found here on forum that this card can overclock quite nicely...i will not push it to the limits, just a small OC like 680-700 / 880-920 (coz someone posted that max is 740/1000)

What clock would you recommend for about 5-7 hours of gaming per day regarding possible more heat generated by OC?

Again thx in advance! :)

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try different drivers first... 174.74 is one of the better ones.. but for example 175.63 gives me better performance than 174.74.

And for you other drivers may give better performance.

Overclocking is dependant on heat and your other system features.

20-30 % would be safe for your card.

mine are as follows:

475 core & 702 mem. i have overclocked to...

590 core and 690 mem

good luck!

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Also very dependent on your environment. 5-7 hours of gaming can really push an oc gpu into unsafe zones. Always keep a check on your temp if overclocking is your intention.

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