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Selectively overclockable drivers!


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Part 1 (Problem):In recent times, many people have posted that their driver is non-functional as far as overclocking goes. These drivers often being regarded as anything 'newer than 169.04.' Usually, the people that have this problem have 6 and 7 series card which shows us that there is a definite relation between these variables. Of course, we can assume from this that although the driver is supported in newer drivers' inf's, they still lack the capability to overclock due to the problem either being that of the driver or of the gpu itself or a combination of the gpu in tandem with the driver which seems to be the only explanation that we or at least I have. The 8 series and newer seem to have no problem with overclocking these new drivers which leaves me wondering why. Two questions emerge from this situation: Are there changed values in the 17x.xx series drivers and/or inf that makes this problem arise with these older cards. And finally, is there a way to resolve this problem? I myself having an entry-level 7 series card am unable to overclock with the 17x.xx series in Vista. This problem is also described as 'affecting only gpu's of various manufacturers and models' but once again why? I find it difficult to see how selective drivers and/or inf pose this problem to individuals using these gpu's.


Part 2 (Investigation): Having an Acer laptop, it would seem fit that the drivers I would try when in doubt should come from that of acer. The newest ones being labelled as 175.61, with the original inf, of course supporting my gpu, installed without a hitch. Overclocking, this time was not an issue and I was able to manipulate my clock speeds just as well as on the previous, older drivers. Knowing now that 169.04 was no longer the limitation as far as overclocking with them goes, i decided to try my luck with another driver (174.74). This driver, however does not support my card out of the box so the modded inf became necessary. The drivers once again installed fine (a clean install was undertaken), however as expected, my overclocking capabilities were nil. Therefore, this seems not to be a driver problem but an inf incompatibility with some gpu's in the 7 series and most in the 6 series that allows for a flawless install but limited features after that such as no overclocking features. For the longest time, I have tried to figure out why but no definite answers have emerged. I am yet to try the newest drivers although I am expecting similar results. So now this question is posed to this relentlessly innovative community. What are your thoughts on this and what do you think can be done to remedy, resolve or just to push this situation in the right direction?

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I have Acer 6920G and it not me overclocking driver later 169.04.I going try them 175.61.

PS:Sorry my very bad english.

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Finally, thanks to peterq2 in a seemingly unrelated thread, an answer has emerged (not sure if it is 'the' answer but it sure clears the air on a lot of things.)

In this thread: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....c=20342&hl= we realise that overclocking via ntune on any drivers later than 169.04 is not impossible which then eliminates the possibility of it being driver or inf related for that matter. The fault... you guessed comes from a more local source. Ntune itself. It is most likely a combination of driver, gpu and overclocking software that causes the problem of clocks reverting back to original. This hopefully will be solved in a later ntune release. However, for those of you who want to be able to overclock on the newest drivers, peterq2's guide is more than sufficient! Thanks for reading.

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