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disk defragmentation problems


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Hi, I always have some weird problems when defragmenting, I know its not really related to gpus or nvidia drivers but i still hope some1 can help me cos im really frustrated over this.

I am currently using perfect disk 2008 from raxco and I think its pretty efficient and good cos defrag timings are really fast, about 30-1hr for my 200gb hard drive. Well my problem is that every time i defragment, I lose free space drastically. Sometimes 1-5gb, now(today i just defragged) i lost 15 gb and its not coming back. Some times in the past the free space suddenly reappeared after a 2nd pass of defragmentation. Ive done it 4 times today with a disk check as well and i still cant seem to get the space back. The problem also occurs with the default windows defragger so I dont know whats wrong. Any1 have such problems too?

im running vista home premium sp 1 32bit

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It may (very unlikely) be moving your swap file around. Or perhaps not registering it when it runs the first check, then it does when you have finished.

** Try 'AUSlogics' defrag. 10X Faster than windows, and much more effective.

There is also a bug in Vista when you run 'Disk clean-up'

The last three options to check contain between 5-90 Gb. When you clean these all files in 'user/' will be deleted. When you restart the computer windows can not load and you need to install windows again.

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yes i have system restore on but i make sure i always clean previous restore points except the most recent using disk cleanup.. I dont think restore points take about 10 gb off anyways haha

thanks all for trying to help anyway..

wook ill give auslogic defrag a try but first i need the 15 gb i lost back first =( any ideas what i can do to get it back?

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Check your temp folder in the %appdata%. Check your temp folder in the windows system folder.

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Probably Vista is doing some backup operations - on my lappie in a couple of weeks I lose about 10 GB to "system files". I can get rid of them when defragging with O&O defrag. But it's no problem until my drive space gets critical, not yet at least.

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well... thats what they said.. but it didnt work for me... hence I UPGRADED to XP ; )

vista is just a dog... will be fine in 3 years... but then i'll wait till version 8 come out.

navagate to this folder


delete everything inside it. (not the folder though)

THis will contain a lot of information that you have run on your system.. for me its about 7 Gb every month.

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