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TV-out issues


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Hi! I've been trying to get tv-out working on my dell XPS 1530 but nothing seems to get it work

At first i actually got picture using Svideo to composite but it was b/w. No problem i thougt, went in to change the signal to composite and pal.

But in the menu there was no composite availible.

So i updated drivers. Now i could select composite but now the picture only shows for about one second and den goes black again. Also when i set signal to composite it keeps switching back to svideo amongst other strange behaiviours.

So today i found this amazing site, and was thrilled to be able to install nvidias latest drivers intead of the dell ones, and maybe get the tv-out working but there is no improvement.

Any one else have this problem or a xps 1530 with working tv-out svideo - composite on an old tv?

Oh one thing that seems strange for me is that the computer identifies the tv as a HDTV.

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This problem is caused because of a "feature" of the Nvidia drivers that automatically detects attached S-Video TVs. However, most S-Video to Composite adapters do not properly load the the signal lines, so the graphics card does not detect a TV. If you Google for Nvidia TV-out problems, you will most likely find info on a temporary, software based fix. However, if you would like to fix it more permanently, than simply insert a very thin piece of wire into the top left and right holes on the S-Video socket before you plug in your cable.

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Hi, I am actually also having the same problem, but I have been searching on google for an answer for a long time now, and haven't found any software fixes. Could you please send a link to a how-to for the fix? That would be greatly appreciated.


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