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XPS M1710 to M6300 Driver Help


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Hey All,

First let me thank all those who make these drivers work and support this community. Here is my dilemma; I have recently converted my XPS 1710 to an M6300 (mobo/cpu switch with minor case modifications); I am in no hurry to upgrade to an FX3600M so I am continuing to use my Quadro FX2500M. Everything switched over fine and all works well except I am now having driver issues with my 2500. I cannot download original Dell drivers since the M6300 never used the 2500 and Dell only posts drivers for the 1600M or 3600M for it.

Running Vista32m I have tried the following drivers and they all give me the same problem (169.04, 174.74, 177.41, 177.92); Once installed, I am only able to get my max resolution to 1900x1080 (I have a WUXGA screen which is usually 1900x1200 Max resolution); I have tried XP but I had similar problems. Using a different driver.... Xtreme-G 175.63, I was able to achieve 1900x1200 and all seemed well but when I loaded the game BF2142, I couldn't play it on max resolution as I normally do. The best I could get was 1024x768 before the screen started to flicker with misaligned graphics.

After installing 169.04 and then 177.41 on top of it (without uninstalling 169), I had similar results to the xtreme-g 175.63 (All seemed fine until I ran the BF2142 game). I have searched the forums to no avail so I am now turning to this post in hopes that someone with greater experience and skill can help me complete this project. Thanks for taking the time to read this and any help would be greatly appreciated!

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