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Problems after bios update


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Hello all members,

I bought a Toshiba Satellite X200-24Z (PSPBUE) laptop about a month ago (OS: Vista Home Premium win32 French). It was working with bios version 2.30 and everything was great but I thought that things would be better if I upgrade the bios to version 2.50 that I found on Toshiba support site. I did upgrade and now i regret to have done it because the performances of my laptop decreased instead of improving. The boot is much slower, the graphic quality is less even after updating the graphic driver, the screen blinks a lot during boot and shutdown and you notice kind of waves going from down to above on it). I wanted to revert back to bios version 2.30 but I did not find that version for download anywhere. I also noticed that the bios versions of the dual Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT are different (one is 60.84.5e.00.29 and the other is 60.84.5e.00.15) is that normal?

Please help me find the correct 2.30 bios for my machine and revert it.


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and i am guessing you did not make a backup

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