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I forgot to mention I was playing the beta for warhammer online age of reckoning heavily when all of this happened.

Just because you got the blue screen it doesn't mean that your video card is fried. Did you notice any wierd artifacts (squares) or weird colors before this occured??

I recommend you just to unistall your drivers and reinstall some newer ones. Maybe it's because warhammer is a beta, therefore this probably made your driver mess up.

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Guest W0lF Am I!.

when fist started happening my comp would freeze up and mover slow somtimes the lines would come across my screen. I notced when playing CS 1.6 right before I tried to reformat it that I was getting squares glitches in the skyboxes. I did try a different driver right afterwards, but when I turn y laptops on somtimes now the hap logo will have blue dots where is should be white and the loading bar on the the lined is broken sometimes.

I would try a different driver but atm I can't even get vista to install on it. my maptop is from Hp so I have the retarded reovery disk with all of their stuff on it and thats not even working anymore. I could have a bad recovery disk but I have't been able to talk to Hp yet.

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If you are seeing colored lines and dots appearing before an OS loads (in BIOS, ect) that aren't related to a defective LCD/Flex cable than it is probably the video card. (or motherboard :) )

If the problem was the LCD cable you would see artifacts appearing when you move the LCD screen.

I assume you have ruled out that possibility.

You should also try using an external monitor (to rule out bad LCD) and maybe installing linux (or windows with a clean regular install OEM disk) to rule out drivers and software issues.

You could just run an Ubuntu live CD (no installation necessary), I very seriously doubt colored lines would appear in that without graphics card drivers loaded if the GPU was good.

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Yeah, sounds like a bad video card :) You are getting artifacts. Try booting in safe mode or put an external monitor on as Bill suggested and see if you still have the same troubles.

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