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I've heard vaguely around the forums about certain overclocking software for the CPU but I've never been able to get any of it to work the way I think it should, I know allot less about CPUs than I know about GPUs

I have a 2.2Ghz Core2 DUO T7500

I've tried RM CPU clock utlity and set the profile for AC to max performance and thats about all I know.

Any way to increase clock speed past 2.2 Ghz? how do I completely disable throttling?

Thanks allot :)

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i would also like to know this, i could never get any overclokcing utilites to work for me either.

im a dell xps m1530 owner, same T7500 2.2 GHz.

thanks alot!

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Hey guys... my processor was a 2.4Ghz - 2393 Mhz and i had managed to get it to 2446 Mhz buy changing the voltage in RMclock.

I can remember where and as i recently sold my XPS and am awaiting the arrival of my Asus G70 i can not look at that application at the moment.

There is an option where you can change the 'profile' i think. and there you can select all voltaed settings and untick them except the highest one. for me was 12.5 X multiplyer and .12500 v. sorry i just cant remember.

This as far as i could get my unit going. as far as stopping the throttling you need to go to processor and untick all options. also in profiles disable everything except the maximum performance option.

hope this helps

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hmm i took a look at the program but i couldnt figure it out and it had soo many options i was scared to screw something up...

does this really overclock your processor?

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RMClock is mostly used for undervolting.

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