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GPU downclocking on UT3


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After more than a month of searching for a good solution to get rid of my downclocking issue, I decided to make a summary of what I remember trying to do. I hope someone will put the finger on a solution I missed, since I don't really like the alternative that are offered to me.

What happen: I play unreal tournament 3 and the game freeze for a couple of sec then unfreeze in low 3d mode. Really annoying since I get killed while waiting and lose too much fps if I try to continue playing.

Heres a couple of stat I gattered. Orthos is a cpu stresser and atitool an gpu stresser:

Raised laptop:

Max temperature acheive on gpu: 67°C (unreal tournament 3(cpu 67))

Min temperature acheive on gpu: 47°C

Max temperature acheive on cpu: 76°C (orthos)

Min temperature acheive on cpu: 25°C

Raised laptop, undervolted cpu:

Max temperature acheive on gpu: 67°C(atitool and orthos(cpu 62))

Min temperature acheive on gpu: 45°C

Max temperature acheive on cpu: 65°C(atitool and orthos(gpu 67)

Min temperature acheive on cpu: 20°C

Also, when I used atitool and orthos without an UV cpu, my cpu throttle got down to 900MHz instead of 2.0GHz at these temp(gpu/cpu): 66/71 67/71 63/70. So when cpu reach 70 and gpu is high enought we could say. I don't think it is related with the UT3 case since no throttling was observed when the game froze.

Also, 67°C was reach on both gpu and cpu without any downclocking in game. It can happen a lot of time after reaching a max.

Now, what I tried:

Using new and different driver (only signed because of my blu-ray player)

Deleting old driver before installing new one

Lowering my temp(raise laptop, undervolt: Helped a bit but UC is still too frequent

Keep playing even if low 3d mode is acheive -> goes into 2d mode

Putting low quality settings and tweak

Underclocking myself a bit (25/50 I think, someone told it solved his issue)

Maybe I forgot something, I did not write everything I tried when I tried. I had to use my memory.

Using rivatuner with force constant perfomance level works, but I'm afraid of damaging the graphic card. I could try buying a laptop cooler too, but if the problem is not heating it woulb be money spent for nothing.

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I think its powermizer.

It downclocks your GPU to safe power even on AC. If on XP, go into CP and you can turn it off.

On Vista, google a program called powermizer switch, d/l it and turn powermizer AC off.

There shouldn't b anymore downclocking.

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Tryed, but it still downclocked :) . But I think it gave me some FPS :)

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I tryed the 169.04 driver, and so far it hasn't happen.

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