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Sony goes big with new Vaio AW laptop series


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Seeing I'm in 18" plus screen mode, here is a brand new one, found this at pocket-lint

Finally a large LCD that can display full 1080p :)

1 October 2008 13:00 GMT / By Stuart Miles

Sony has launched a desktop replacement laptop hoping to quash any reason to buy a desktop PC in Europe.

Confirming to Pocket-lint that the new models will see an official UK release at the end of the month the new AW series, branded as the "Super-Notebook" by the company, will come with a mammoth 18.4-inch screen.

Using the same blacklighting technique as its BRAVIA LCD televisions, the laptop, which will no doubt be hefty in weight, will offer Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution.

To take advantage of that massive screen, although it won't be as big as the HP Dragon announced last year, Sony has included a Blu-ray Disc drive.

Sound is provided by Dolby Home Theatre audio signal processing and 2.1 channel speakers complete the mini-cinema effect, with enhanced bass from the integrated subwoofer as well as immersive surround sound.

A HDMI socket allows you to connect the laptop to a bigger screen.

Processing power is provided by an Intel Core 2 Duo T9600 processor, while 3D graphics come courtesy of Nvidia?s 512MB GeForce 9600M GT.

In a world first, 128GB of Solid State Disk (SSD) Flash memory works together in a RAID array with the 500GB SATA drive to boost performance when working with large files, which are stored on the SSD for extremely fast access.

The AW-Series comes with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom as well as Adobe Photoshop Elements, providing users with some of the very best photo-editing software tools available.

Prices will start from £999.

Sony has also announced the CS11 Vaio hoping to appeal to the touchy feely crowd keen to have their laptop in a range of colours.

Spouting phrases like ?This is a companion, not a tool,? and "If you want something that?s special, that?s ahead of the curve, then here is where you need to be," the new laptop will "meticulously designed, from the shape of each key on the keyboard to the touch-sensitive AV controls" according to Sony.

Technical specs in the official release from Sony are incredibly scarce, however the company has said that the new model will feature a Blu-ray drive, webcam and software that will catagorise your music by 24 different moods.

The flagship VGN-CS11Z/R will sport Sony's ?X-black LCD? enhanced screen.

UPDATE: The CS11 Vaio notebook has now been launched in the UK and prices will start from £899 via Sony Style.

Watch this space as we have a video review of this new line of models coming in the next few days.


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Looks very impressive. Sony really produced something there, to be honest different from what I had expected. The greatest asset (for gamers) is that I finally see that sony has offered something else besides its regular intel 950 and x3100 integrated graphics card and given it a powerful geforce 9 series replacement. I can only imagine what an 18 inch laptop lcd with bravia hd technology must do for your visual experience. :)

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