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Can't get fn+f2 to work properly on Dell with Atheros


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I have a dell inspiron 9200, and i added an atheros wlan card purchased from ebay some time ago. The card works fine with the latest drivers from this site, except that I cant control the wifi led, or disable the card properly with the fn+f2. The led stays on all the time. If i use the fn+f2 combination, it appears to disable something, as I cant get any network activity, but the icon in the system tray still says connected and the led is still on. I have searched a lot on how to mod the inf of the driver to fix this, but cant find anything. I ran that nerd tool and this is what it came up with.

Bus 2 (PCI), Device Number 3, Device Function 0

Vendor 168Ch Atheros Communications Inc

Device 0013h AR5212 802.11a/b/g Wireless Adapter

Command 0346h (Memory Access, BusMaster, Parity Error Response, System Errors, Back-To-Back Transactions)

Status 0290h (Has Capabilities List, Supports Back-To-Back Trans., Medium Timing)

Revision 01h, Header Type 00h, Bus Latency Timer 80h

Minimum Bus Grant 0Ah, Maximum Bus Latency 1Ch

Self test 00h (Self test not supported)

Cache line size 32 Bytes (8 DWords)

PCI Class Network, type Ethernet

Subsystem ID 1051168Ch AR5005GS Wireless Network Adapter

Subsystem Vendor 168Ch Atheros Communications Inc

Address 0 is a Memory Address (anywhere in 0-4Gb) : FAFE0000h

System IRQ 5, INT# A

New Capabilities List Present:

Power Management Capability, Version 1.1

Does not support low power State D1 or D2

Does not support PME# signalling

Current Power State : D0 (Device operational, no power saving)

Power Data Registers Information:

D0 Power Consumed: 1980mW

D1 Power Consumed: 1980mW

D2 Power Consumed: 1980mW

D3 Power Consumed: 60mW

D0 Power Dissipated: 1980mW

D1 Power Dissipated: 1980mW

D2 Power Dissipated: 1980mW

D3 Power Dissipated: 60mW

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