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XPS 1530


Processor - Core 2 Duo

Processor speed - 2.4GHz

RAM - 3Gb - DDR2

Hard drive - 1 X 7200 160 Gb

Optical drive - DVD combo

Graphics hardware - Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT

Diagonal screen size - 15.4 inch

Remote - Yes

TV tuner - No

Operating system - Windows Vista 32-bit

Weight w/battery - 2.70 kg

Wireless LAN - 802.11a/g/n

Webcam - 2.0 Mp

My good

Core2 Duo processor

Over clocking 8600 GT (DDR3)

Can install XP

XPS service

Excellent use of power/ battery life

My bad

Hard drive frequency gives buzz on left hand (feels like electric shocks)

Heat issues!

800 MHz FSB limits memory to 667 MHz (DDR2)

Heat issues!!!!

Slot-loading drive is loud


The Dell XPS 1530 notebook is Dells top of the range 15?. Designed for entertainment with core2 Duo CPU and an 8600m GT Nvidia graphics cards, resolution up to 1440 x 900.

(American buyers can go upto Full HD - 1920x1200)

To start off the XPS series are dells most prestigious range of computers. Not as high performing as their Alien Ware line-up, but for the everyday users they are very good featuring Low cost/ mid-high range performance parts. You can specify blu-ray, a faster processor a different GPU (Nvidia 8400mGS) when you order the unit. But, once this is done, almost every component is fixed.

The thing what really sold me on this unit was the premier Service for XPS Customers. All XPS desktop and notebook computers feature Dell?s XPS Premier Service with one year Complete Cover (upgradeable to 3 years).

?Guarantees quick access to Dell?s best home-computer technicians and accidental damage protection.?

A technician will come to your house when you want, and fix your unit right there and then.

This is excellent. No more waiting for your laptop to arrive back and being without it for a week or maybe 2. But...

I had my XPS for 8 months, and in the space of 4 weeks I have 3 motherboard replacements and heat sink/ fan replacements, and 2 CPU?s replaced. This was all because the 8600m GT was overheating. Now, this can not totally be blamed on Dell. Nvidia are having issues that we are all aware of, but other laptops with the 8600m GT are not having as many as the m1530. Dell obviously acknowledges this by releasing A09 BIOS which makes the fan cycle up at 5 Oc lower that before. But I really think Dell needs to look at two fans in this unit. Perhaps having one that is directly above the GPU, and is able to be turned on at user discretion. This would fix the heat issue, and would not effect battery either.

The Extras!

With Dell MediaDirect, you have instant, one-touch access to movies, music and photos, plus select Microsoft Office functions with Dell's exclusive Instant Office functionality.

No need to boot up your PC - the low-profile, touch-sensitive media buttons can take you straight to what you want.

Aluminium and Magnesium chassey, give a very sturdy feel and it looks great. Although like all brushed aluminium laptops, it is very susceptible to scratches and dents.

It also has all the other features that come on standard systems:

USB x3

firewire x1

7-in-1 Card Reader


Fingerprint scanner

2.0 Webcam


Using 178.13 modified drivers from www.laptopvideo2go.com , and resolution of 1280 x 800 the XPS 1530 reached a 3Dmark 06 score of 4,203 (not over clocked)

Using the same driver, and over clocking to specifications below, the 1530 was able to get 5,500 in 3Dmark ?06. Pretty impressive for a middle of the range mobile GPU.

Vista performance score

Processor: 5.2

Ram: 4.8

Graphics 5.9

Gaming Gfx: 5.3

HDD: 4.9

The great thing about this Unit is the over clocking of the 8600m GT. Most of us know this GPU very well, and it can almost go as high as the 8700m GT.

Core Memory Shader

475 MHz - 400 MHz - 950 MHz - Factory

600 MHz - 500 MHz - 1200 MHz - Over clock (stable)

Over all

Now, we all come to LTV2go because we want to get the most out of our Nvidia GPU's. So its pretty much about gaming am i right?

This unit can play MOST games at maximum settings and some like Crysis at low settings and medium resolution. But I just was not impressed with the heat issue in this unit. If you are after a multimedia machine then this unit must be considered. Very good components and at a very competitive price. The 8600m Gt is a very good card for its price range. But if you are going to push the limits of this unit, then be expected to utilise every part of your extended warrantee.

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nice review. have a very similar setup to your previous laptop here.

i am also on my third mobo/heatsink and second processor. i think they possible FINALLY fixed the problem.

i am stable overclocked at 685/1040/1370 and i get idle temps from 55-63c, and gaming temps from 76-82c. not bad i suppose.

before overclocked at 620/880/1240 i would get idle temps at 63-70c, and gaming from 86-96c. and constant downclocking.

anyways besides theprevious heat issue, for me this laptop has been great for my needs. i play CS source at MAX settings/resolution and BF2 at max setting/resolution (except AA). frames from 70-100 average.

if your not a huge spender (like over $2500) or not an EXTREME gamer, id really suggest this laptop. other than the heat issue problems, which were taken care of really quickly, and seem to be solved now, this laptop has been great to me.

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