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Dox's Customised Forceware 178.24


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Latest version of my drivers out.

They are based on forceware 178.24 which is newer by build date than 180.10.


Version 1.1 out, affects Vista and Vista x64 only.

-re-added powermizer

- re-releases vista x64 (with powermizer)

- Alt inf has powermizer disabled (use to solve laggy aero performance and random gpu downclocking)

- Added support for 9200M and go 6800 gpus

Changes over official version:

  • Based on official Forceware 178.24
  • Removed Desktop GPU support
  • Added support for all Geforce go 6-9M GPUs and quadro equivalent
  • Tweaked resolutions and added extra ones
  • Added a number of Direct X and OpenGL tweaks for maximum performance possible
  • Tweaked OpenGL settings for higher image quality
  • Driver comes with two inf - one is for troubleshoot purposes (recommended for sli users)
  • Improved responsiveness of Nvidia Control Panel
  • Disabled nview installation with default inf and its associated files (XP only)
  • Disabled Nvidia display driver service and start up items to reduce background resources and boot time
  • Fixed issue with laggy aero performance. (Vista Only)

Further optimisations to driver:

  • Removed help files
  • Removed nvcolor.exe
  • Removed nvkeystone.exe (XP only)
  • Removed language files
  • Removed PhysX.exe
  • English language release only.

Download Links version 1.1:



Download Links version 1.0:




Support thread: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....showtopic=21249

(feedback and bug reports)


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is it possible that this tweaked drivers make the fan of my notebook work all the time?

I have a new Acer 8930 and I am quite sure that the fan only worked very few times.

Also, with the Acer drivers for my graphic card, the power management had the option to lower the graphic cards power. This has also disappeared now. Is this intentional?


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these drivers are based on DESKTOP drivers, fan control were designed for desktop cards.

If you want low fan speeds stick with acer drivers, sam thing aplies for the power mangaement.

all other questions post in the spport thread


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