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180.20 - Big Bang II Driver: Preview


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8/10/2008 (best tester)

Official version release date: End of October

Firstly looks like some minor changes to the control panel.


As you can see PhysX has been added to the SLi setting tab. Its now able to be disabled or enabled here, and no longer in the OS control panel.

Also added a change for 'SLi Focus'.

Over all

This driver is made for SLI, and there seems to be a few bugs that need working out before its released.. Preliminary testing showed this drivers weakness:

SLi is still not working 100%.

Interesting as this driver is specifically for SLi...

Well, I for one am looking forward to the official/ working release of this driver.

SLi users finally have something to look forward to, its just a matter of getting all games to support SLi as well.


As compared to our own modified drivers...

Preliminary testing:


Full driver testing and comparison available here:


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again nice review :)

any chance you can tell us the build date?

and if this proves anything laptopvideo2og is the place to come for drivers :)

edit: ok see it now 08/10/2008

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Unfortunately this driver wont be released until end of the month. maybe even november?! In that time it looks like some fixes need to happen tho

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F(&^*** GREAT DRIVER, ###### YEAH, I had to use the tone, just that the driver is awesome, even in beta, this fixed my downclocking issues with my 8600m gt YES!! FINALLY

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The only thing I'm really looking forward to is OpenGL 3.0 support as well as (I doubt it) imrovements to performance and image quality.

I hate to say it but ati with cat 8.1 have had crosfire on mulitple displays :|

Something nvidia should have done a long time ago.

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Correct me if i am wrong here. Looks like its added an option for image settings:

Can let 3D application decide, use advanced settings, or your own preferences.

This was there before :)

yea, where do you get these at?? id like to try em out :)


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you sure... i know there was 2 settings. but now there is that third one. maybe i over looked it last time.

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Yeah, I am currently using the 177.92 and still I have all three options.

The other changes seem nice though.

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