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Nvidia 1600m problems with not manufacters drivers

Guest vataipvat

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Guest vataipvat


there's my problem: yesterday I installed 178.26 drivers (from original 174.70 from HP site), computer worked just fine. Even got ~100 points more in the 3dmark06 but then conted my TV over HDMi cable there was no image. Tried to play with the nvidia control panel settings but no help. Then returned to original ones - vualia I've image.. Please help because ordered few new game and want to get max from them and don't want to loose ability to play them on the big screen :)

Best regards,


p.s. this problem occurs with the all not-original drivers not only 178.26

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Anyone.. Please help because original drivers sucks :) Tried ~10 from this site but have image through HDMI only with original ones.

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Sorry to confirm your findings. My HP 8710w/Quadro 1600M has been able to output to my Sony HDTV just via VGA, as the TV manual doesn't promise HDMI to work with a PC, just 1366x768 via VGA. I have tried to get something out via HDMI, but the TV has just been recognized (1920x1080) but no picture, not even on 720p. I went back to 174.70 and got a picture via HDMI, but just 720p, Control Panel didn't give anything more. It might be my cheap HDMI cable, probably must buy a shorter and better one to test. But seems that generic drivers do not work on HP when HDMI is used. I have tried just a couple of drivers, the latest non-working is 180.42.

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Thanks for response. This is that I thought but wanted to hear confirm :)

BTW my HDMI cable is not the cheapest one I bought it for about ~60$ (2m long).

Once again thanks!

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Guest kaetzchaen

hi guys,

i have a dell precision m6300 with an nvidia geforce quadro fx1600m, 1024 ram and vista 32 and i have a 1900x1200 display. i have the following problem:

even with olde rgames, like oblivion i get very low to almost unplayable framerats and suspect that is has something to do with the driver. The most problems, i had with assassin's creed, first all my people were blue colored and then all the dialogs were moving to slow for the sound.

On the nvidia page, they dont even offer a driver for this model, so i stucked to the dell driver. I already contacted dell support about my problems, but they wont help me.

Does anyone here have the same problems, or even better: a solution? :)

thanks for reading,


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