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need help from someone with a nivida 7000m gpu 100+ C


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plz , help this cant be normal I have NOT touched my laptop or overclocked it

my core temp seems to idle around 50=60 C and my gpu does not drop below 75C

when playing lego batman or any game for that matter it my gpu goes to 100C after 5-10mins and cpu to 80+C ?

it is hot to the touch,and the fan is working. only had it about 4 months and noticed bad playback on most games that I meet requirements for like slow motion

atifacts like x on top right screen to close window that should not be there flashing up, when it reaches top temp.

is this normal for this laptop to reach these temps? without any extra cooling or a known issue? as im thinking of sending it back but dont want to wait weeks if its just going to be the same problem to come.anybody with amd x2 have these problems as I can just use it for general work if its a known issue with not anuf ventilation. cause its a laptop after all.but would like to know if faulty hardware can cause this problem. as it does cool down and would more if i put a fan on it I think? if it was a hardware problem would it cool down or would it stop the same no matter wat I tryed? i have very limited tec in this department plz help as ive asked others and all have said it could be fault or u have to expect these things with laptops. or its a bad card so buy a new one ect.. until I decided to check my temp as it just seemed some thing was up other than it being just a crap card. just would like some stone solid advise from been there,got the t,shirt if possible. thanks

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Okay, this is a definite problem. At those temps (although I'm sure that your laptop should shut off before that to protect itself) your gpu and cpu won't last much longer. Normal temps for this card is around 85C. And your CPU shouldn't be at more than 60-65C. You can try cleaning out the vents or if the problem persists return the laptop (if you can still) and they should replace it.

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The CPU temps may hover somewhere in 70's at most, that's acceptable.

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have you taken video cooling unit out and dusted the fins off? 4 month is alot of build up on a laptop, be prepared to reseat the cooling unit and have thermal grease ready to help AS5 works good.

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