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Need some help with my laptop and finding....


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optimal specs to run world of warcraft. I took a break for a about 5 months and now I want to get back into this for WotLK. I'll post my laptops specs at the end of this but first I need to discuss some things. To start, before I took this recent break one of the reasons that made me decide to take a break for a while was that my laptop was on the fritz with this game for some reason. I would be able to play at 60 FPS for a good hour or so then I would get a little hiccup in FPS and then it would just be 5 FPS for the rest of the time with a nasty stop and go effect. Restarting my computer solved the problem but it's quite annoying because it's usually random when it happens. (but usually at least after an hour or so of play, and thats actually playing like BGs Areans etc) So fast forward to yesterday, I patch up, log in and start to try out new specs for my lock. Well, I take 5 steps into a semi populated area (IF bank, BGs, almost anything really that has a good number of other people in the area) and I start to lag really bad. To get to my actual question, I want to know if someone else has a similar computer setup to me (or even if you dont, if you have any advice for what I should do that would be great) and what kind of settings they have in game for the video tab, and what kind of settings they have set up in the nVidia control panel for 3d graphics settings.

Ok so here are my computers specs now:

Intel Core2 Duo T7200 @ 2 GHz


SLI enabled (currently disabled because for some reason it runs the game a little better right now but I still get the slowdown effect after entering any semi populated area) nVidia GeForce 8700M GT 512MB

My current drivers are also still the 169.09

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sounds like you are also getting the "downclocking issues" that most 8600m gt users have experienced. as to why using 16x.xx drivers and getting the problems I cant't be sure how to answer your question. you can try blowing out the dust in the fan see if that reduce the heat since the downclocking is "due to over heating" according to users. However, if this is a desktop replacement, you can try replacing the fan, or adding a additional one and use the rivatuner "band-aid" fix and have the 8700m gt run on full throttle at all times. (called "force constant speed" or something like that, do a little googling gets you there)


Morris Lee

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oh yeah, and I like to add, this is the first case about downclocking (assuming my assumption was correct) on a 8700m gt rather then 8600m gt or 9500m gs.

feel free to email me @ morrismurphy@gmail.com to get the fastest answers replied, i don't always keep track of the threads as often as I check my email. I also would liek you to share your problem more in depth, as to this my help me in finding the solution to 8600m gt users including myself. I been searching for solutions for more then 6 month now I think.

Morris Lee

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