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9600M GT stuck in 'low power 3D' mode


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I have a problem with my 9600M GT. Somehow, it won't go higher than 'low power 3D' mode.

I discovered this problem as I was using GPU-Z to log my temps while gaming and i've also tried rivatuner and it gives me the same results.

It's in 2D mode 169/100/100 MHz (core/mem/shader), until I start something GPU intensive. Then it kicks in 3D low power mode 275/300/550 MHz (core/mem/shader).

My temps stay below 60 degrees Celsius, so that's not the problem. I've tried to disable powermizer when connected to A/C with Powermizer Switch (Very nice app, Claw :) ), but it doesn't help. It's not using 2D mode now, but it still won't go higher than low power 3D mode. I also tried updating the drivers from 178.24 to 180.43, but that didn't help either.

Anyone got any suggestions/solutions?

Edit: Just tried vista home basic 32bit. Same problem exists there, forcing performance 3D mode in rivatuner doesn't do anything.

Edit2: So I thought I'd do some digging in the bios. I found this:


Maybe the only solution is to just change everything except 2D mode to full speed?

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Maybe you could try to force 3d performance with rivatuner.

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Maybe you could try to force 3d performance with rivatuner.

Unfortunately that doesn't work, as you can see in my edit. :)

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Guest mattias
The problem is that this issue was present before I installed rivatuner. I only installed rivatuner to see if I can fix it.

Hello, i have the same problem with my aspire 7730

I fixed it with flashing the motherboard bios back to the oldest version.

But since a few days i have the same problem again.

I mailed to acer but they gave my stupid "solutions".

greets, mattias

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Same thing here on dell inpiron 1520 8600GT. I overclock using Ati Tool. It overclock ok then after a couple minutes gaming, sometimes 10 min sometimes it does not do it at all, i get some bad lag for 1 or 2 second then the game is just slow. I close it and in windows when running ati tool it says i am running 275 mhz cpu 200 mhz ram when overclocked it runs 630 cpu 500 ram and stucks there until i reboot. I have tried different drivers they all do the same. I dont know if it happens when not overclocked, never noticed. I ll keep looking for solution.

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