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Driver-related problems in WoW

Guest zackman986

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Guest zackman986

Hi guys,

I have a Dell XPS 1530M laptop under a year old (Vista Pro, 8600M GT, 2GB DDR2667, 250gb 5400rpm, T7500 2.2Ghz).

I used to be able to play WoW with max settings on a 19" monitor, while watching a movie on a second 15" monitor with 30-40fps.

I had some problems with Norton, reformatted, and I have yet to experience the same speed!

I think it must be a driver-related problem, because at the moment I have only a few programs installed.

My current video drivers are, A03 from the Dell website. I'm a bit of a newb, so I don't know how to find more specific details than that.

If anyone can help boost my framerate, I'd be very grateful. If I need to provide more info before I can be helped, let me know!


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Most likely due to the Echoes of Doom version 3 patch, pre WOTLK. This brings in graphical enhancements that will lower a lot of users framerates on very high settings. A big FPS lowerer that has been upped is the draw distance. You can lower this and you might have similar performance as before.

Get hold of a more recent driver and modded inf from this site, and be sure to follow the suggestions for cleaning the old one out before installing.

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