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Overclocking does nothing.


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Ok i have a 8400 gs these are my results:

hp dv9700

8400M GS 256MB DDR2

TL-60 TURON 64 2ghz

Drivers: 169.04


1280x854 res

core: 520

mem: 465

SCORE before o/c: 1600

SCORE after O/C: 1979

Max temp 80oC

Im going to leave it at 500 / 450 to keep the temps down as i dont want it going over 80oC


however in tomb raider underworld demo i checked my fps wich was at 15 fps constant a point in the game. (overclocked this is)

i then installed the 178.24 drivers no overclock ofcourse 400/400 and i get about the same fps with all the same settings.

How can such a high overclock show no gain in fps on the older drivers compaired to new drivers not overclocked. just the game?

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ok a little confusing. you said with the new driver and no overclock you got the same settings as the other driver that was overclocked? yeah?

Surely thats an improvement?

If you mean that the old 169 driver and the 178 driver both overclocked were at the same settings thats quite possible. the newest driver wont be the best driver for a game thats been out a while.

E.G. There is a specific driver that gives better performance for crysis opposed to the 178/179 even 180 series drivers.

So you will have to test what driver works best for that game. look at driver date for help here.

good luck!

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Trial and error my friend, trial and error. It might take a while but it's worth it if you really want improvements.

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first off what i mean is i overclocked the old drivers got 15fps but with the latest drivers i get the same FPS and no overclock.

I dont think the 8400m gs is anywhere up to running the new tombraider underworld. I think im just going to buy a 360 to play it lol.

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