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For starters i do apologise if i failed to find within the stickies/older threads a similar issue that could help me out. But i would appreciate indeed some help.

I have the forementioned laptop that i bought a couple of years ago, and the warranty has expired. Today, while i was playing a game, suddenly the display messed up and all sorts of colours started appearing in mostly wavey-patterns. After a while the screen just when black, but i could still hear the in-game sound. After restarting i did notice that desktop had some minor display issues (such as thread-like colour mis-display) and i did login in the same game to test it out. Unfortunately i had the same issue, after some seconds display went fuzzy and later on all black. While i tried rolling back with system restore, and since Nvidia Geforce7600Go driver updates are hard to find i decided to reformat in hope that reinstalling windows and the applications the possible software issue would resolve. Unfortunatelly it didnt, and now laptop is going on-off not allowing me to restore applications (windows was installed) and display seems fuzzy still. I now get BSOD's since applications arent restored and cant seem to do much.

I know my description of the problem is not the best,i am convinced though in my pc/laptop newbness that it is a hardware issue of my nvidia. Question is what the appropriate action if any is. Or should i just try and send it to Belgium (i am UK resident and that's where Sony customer support seems to be) or try any other PC/Laptop repairs within UK? Or should i just consider it good as dead?

Again, sorry for long post and for failling to find similar stickys/older threads. Any help, or sharing of past expereinces with Sony's repair system is appreciated.

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well i know i got no responces but i ll keep it on;

seems GPU is overheating. I reformated the whole system with the pre-installed drivers from NVIDIA, and also downloaded ntune to try and monitor the temperatures. After i try to play the forementioned game i get red lines everywhere (artifacts?) and then laptop screen goes dark. Tried some performance test from ntune and as soon as i run i got it again.

i ll try and clean the insides with compressed air hoping it might help. It seems though that it is very sensitive and overheats very fast...

well i be damned if i knew what to do.(other than send it to sony and pay fees that probably wont sort it out)

thanks for reading (hoping i ll get some helpful reply)

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Well, i ll keep talking to myself.

Apparently sony's charges are:

£141 for just picking up and if i dont agree at any repair

£206 for minor repairs

£206+£137 for any repairs other than motherboard/screen

£206+£491 for motherboard/screen repairs

Seemingly its a GPU issue. Since, if i am not mistaken GPU is intergrated to the motherboard it is 60% possibility that they will have to change motherboard (thus £707) and 40% that they will just have to change the GPU. Thats what they said anyway.

It's not really worth for a 2+ year laptop is it now?

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