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Hi guys,I have an HP DV9575Ep (T7300 2.0GHz,8600M GS,4Gb DDR2 667,2x160Gb,17') and as Mechanical Engeneering student,I'll have to use some cad/cam programs as catia v5 for example..

So I thought..hey,maybe I could biosmod my 8600m gs to some quadro...then I searched and found there is no quadro with 8600 gs chip,only gt one,so maybe no go..

But I though another thing,softmod...I know with sofmod I won't get 100% quadro features and speed,but if there is an improvement,better :)

Now I have some questions...

1)As there is no "quadro equivalent to 8600M GS" should I force quadro drivers to run?if so how?rivatuner?

2)If number 1 is impossible,using the "quadro drivers" with modded inf for 8600m gs,will help?

Hope to ear something..

thanks for this gr8 place :)

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I think 6.xxx were the last series you could softmod to a quadro. But you can always use the quadro drivers with modified inf or install via have disk method - can't say if they give you enhanced performance.

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