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Which driver for 8600M GT

Guest DonS

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I'm trying to play Far Cry 2 on my system but it says my graphics drivers are old, I have downloaded the latest drivers from the Belinea website (156.61 -.-).

Do you guys know which driver is good and stable and how exactly do I use these drivers, what can go wrong?

Thx, DonS

PS. I'm also getting the nvlddmkm error, does this driver also prevent this?

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Custom 180.44 will be perfect for FC2. Remember to uninstall the previous driver first. If anything goes wrong you'll just uninstall it, but you shouldn't worry.

I don't think there's a driver that fixes nvlddmkm, this is caused by faulty G86 and G84 chips.

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I got the same GC and wandered myself which driver i must download. I've seen that many of them have been released these days. 180.60? 180.70? 177.42?

I have to admit I'm little confused and I would like an advice !


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Yes you could download the one you linked, and yes you'd have to use the modded inf then.

But if you don't want to bother with the modded inf, you can download the 180.44 customized by Dox from my signature. It is also a bit optimized so it should be giving better performance.

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Do I have to use drive sweeper before installing these?

That often helps to avoid various problems and errors, but it's not required.

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you installed my XP_180.44.1

Install Vista_180.44

you will now have to use driver sweeper in safe mode to remove the drivers.

I thought the naming scheme for my drivers was clear.

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