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Guest mat

amilo pi 1536/1556 alienware bios for memory upgrade and video card

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Guest PedRy


The motherboard of my Amilo 1536 dies and I bought one in Ebay.

I'm trying to flash to an alienware BIOS to upgrade up 4 gb ram , but i can't.

The flash process reports an error "part id not found in table of supported parts"

In the died motherboard i did it without problems.

Original BIOS from Fujitsu Siemens returns the same error

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Guest john

Upgrade with alienware 1.19 bios for 4gb ram http://aliendl.alienware.com/Mobile/m5750/...0_Bios1.19W.zip . Remove any existing bios passwords before upgrade. 1.19 and 2.06, 2.07 bioses are compatible with hd 3650. 2.06 is compatible with 8600m gs and gt.(2.07 is not) 1.19 bios gives you possibility to install 4gb ram.

is it possible to upload anyone WORKING vga bioses for amilo pi 1556?

I am interested for hd 3650 vga bios and 8600 gs / gt vga bios ...

Thanks in advance,


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Guest Magnus

Thanks all for good input, I will now upgrade my wifes 1546 with a new graphic card.

Most likely the mxm 4670 but for the easy of bios and no "dremel" it might be the 3650 instead...

Or if I not read all correct, please advice me to just get the xi1546 running in good shape for surfing and photoshop 4.0 the only app. she use.

Bought her new battery & 2Gb memories just before Christmas, but now found out that the x1800 is "no more" ;)

Best Regards and thanks in advance!


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I got amilo pi 1536 and i had the classic problem with the gpu ati x1400.I bought x1600 but it isnt recognized from the system.What bios i have to put in my laptop so the amilo pi will recognie x1600. I would be really grateful for your help, i am completely desperate.

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