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Drivers for 9500m GS


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I know my way around a computer but when it comes to drivers I don't know anything. I have a 9500m GS on an Asus G1snA1 laptop. I have downloaded the 179.14 drivers and installed them (I got them from here) but does anyone have any idea if these are good or not? I was reading around the forums and things and people are saying some are good for gaming and some are good for other things. I'm a gamer and I want excellent graphics, so was 179.14 the way to go or are there better drivers out there? I play World of Warcraft and I was reading that some drivers cause the game to go wacky on the graphics (and it's happened to me) so these won't cause those kinds of problems will they? Thanks :)

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Those drivers are supposed to be good but, i really can't say in terms of WoW. So, try it for yourself but I say go with the 179.14. good luck.

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