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179.28 not supported by XP?


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Okay I installed 179.28 on my CQ50-115NR running XP Pro Corperate SP1 (upgraded to SP2). The NVIDIA setup seemed to go fine once I replaced the .inf with the modded one (also tried the tweaked .inf). Problem is after the restart, nothing changed noticably. I went into device manager and the VGA Adapter heading that was once in "Other Devices" is now in the proper "Display Adapter" location. Although, in Properties it says:

"The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver.

also when I try to use the Device Manager to manually install the drivers in "C:\NVIDIA\WinXP\179.28\IS\Display" the setup returns the error stating that these drivers do not support XP, drivers were not installed, etc. It does though recognize and display the correct model for my videocard (although this alone doesn't please me, I'd rather it work properly as a driver and diplay "NVIDIA DANCING BANANA Adapter 01011010M Series" as my adapter model, hehe joking).

In closing, please help, much prior appreciation!


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Do you mean 179.28 mobile drivers release by Nvidia recently?

If yes, why would you change the inf anways? Your graphic card (8200M G) is supported in this driver.

GeForce 8800M GTX

GeForce 8800M GTS

GeForce 8800M GS

GeForce 8700M GT

GeForce 8600M GT

GeForce 8600M GS

GeForce 8400M G

GeForce 8400M GS

GeForce 8400M G

GeForce 8200M G <--------------

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