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NVidia Quadro FX 360M Help...

Guest GooberMT

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Guest GooberMT

Hi there and first and foremost I wanted to say this is a great and informative site, as I have been searching and barreling my mind full of information about drivers and all.

Now I recently bought a laptop from a friend and it is a Dell Precision M4300

When i got the laptop, I reformatted the Laptop and Reinstalled Windows XP Pro SP2. I proceeded from Microsoft to Update to SP3 and so on.

I also Went to Dell's Website and downloaded all the necessary drivers (using the service tag) for this laptop and installed them.

Now here is where I ran into a problem,

When I installed the NVIDIA drivers for the NVidia Quadro FX 360M video card, everything seemed to go fine. Then I rebooted the Laptop, and now every time I reboot, my hardware acceleration is defaulted back to None, and it gives me multiple pop ups about this issue. I go into the settings and turn the Acceleration back to full and it goes away.

Now here is where I need your help. I tried searching and searching for a new driver on your website for this card, in hopes of fixing this issue. I maybe did not understand everything I read while searching and so I did not try to download anything, so I didnt ruin anything on this laptop.

If you folks can help me out, that would be GREATLY appreciated

Thanks again

Gabriel aka Goober

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Just registered as well! Again any help would be appreciated!

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Try 185.20 + modded inf. It includes 360M.

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