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Gericom 1st supersonic pcie vs 9600 series


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Hi all !!!

My laptop: "Gericom 1st supersonic pcie"

chipset intel915, 2gb ram, pentium m 2,26ghz (motherboard: Quanta KN1), geforce go 6600

I bought 9600gt 512mb ddr3 on ebay but I recveived wrong card 9600gs 256mb ddr3. When I puted 9600gs into laptop on the screen I got message: "engineering release not for production" and "MXM structure not found or invalid. Reflash MXM rom or add mxm structure and associated callbacks to SBIOS! POST will be halted for 30 second and performance will be limited to balanced performance mode until it is resolved"

After 30 sec. windows started and everything was ok (a lot of heat from card) in 3dmark03 i got 8k points.

I sent card back and got new one 9600gt 512mb ddr3 (probably because I can't see nothing on the screen). After 30 sec windows loading I can hear sounds but still black screen. I did copy of my bios and did blind flash with bios from forum (http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=299494&page=8) even with bios from 9600gs - still nothing. Any ideas???

P.S. I know for sure that my laptop works properly with 8600gt

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I decided to connect my old vga monitor today and...after about 30second of darkness I saw POST from system bios (press F2 to enter setup....etc) and windows loaded normally. I installed drivers from www.laptopvideo2go.com ver.181.00 because the newest 185.20 restarted my laptop permanently. Then in nvidia control panel I chose clone mode for both screens and I got picture on my lcd panel and vga montor. Gpu-z said:Nvidia Quadro FX 770M 512MB GDDR3 :-).

God things:

- even when you unplug external monitor it works with internal

Bad things:

- You can still see nothing in the dos mode (only on external monitor) so if you want flash your card you must always plug external monitor

- everytime when you want to install new drivers for your card must plug external monitor

- and the worst (maybe only with my laptop) card cannot switch to full speed in 3d mode (my clocks are: core:275MHZ memory:300MHZ from gpu-z)

It seems to be easy to fix it (see this http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=316079) but nibitor 4.7 doesnt recognize Quadro FX 770m yet- I sent my bios to them

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