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what is powermizer?

Guest mhd

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hi all,

it may be a stupid question, but i dont really understand it tbh.i have a theory that if its disabled, then it will run using the 3d settings of ur gpu on desktop instead of using the other 2 profiles. is this correct or am i wrong?

thank you,


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No it's not harmful (then again that sort of depends on how you look at it). Here's a definition I ripped off of the nvidia site that sums its up function well:

"The ultimate goal of PowerMizer technology is to optimize power use for the longest battery life in a notebook PC while providing the performance necessary for the task at hand. Some office applications like word processors and spreadsheets require less processing than is necessary for an immersive 3D gaming experience or for viewing a crystal clear high definition video. PowerMizer technology will intelligently adapt itself to suit the performance needs of the application.

Intelligent digital watchdogs monitor the power utilization in various parts of the GPU. When a certain processor engine is not in use or is not required to run full bore, these digital watchdogs will turn them down. This is happening at such a speed that the user will not experience a change in performance, but will know that every watt of battery power is being conserved."

So if powermizer is on, it will downclock your GPU for tasks that don't require the full power of your GPU. So for example if you are typing a paper in Word (or other non-intensive GPU tasks), Powermizer will temporarily cut down on the power (downclock) of the GPU to save battery life (if the AC is unplugged) and energy (GREENER EARTH). It's only bad sometimes for gamers as it may sometimes downclock the GPU during games causing poor performance, though that's a different issue. On the whole it's a pretty safe technology, no need to worry really. So to answer your question, no, it isn't harmful to your computer. :)

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