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Weird problem (possible hardware failure)


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I hope Im in the right forum.

I own an older Zepto Znote 6214W with a GeForce Go 7600 w/512 MB DDR2 ram. Some time ago I tried to play CoD 4 (Call of Duty) but the drivers supplied from Zepto (version 97.xx) gave graphical issues like flashing grass and such so I tried a newer driver from this site (version 174.xx I think). It worked like a charm until one day (about a month ago) I was playing an old game (Knights and Merchants, old 2D RTS game), all of a sudden I got graphical garbage (random yellow and red pixels) and the computer froze.

Now the problem is:

When booting, the bios screen has a little corruption in the Intel logo (subtle horizontal red broken lines), the Windows Xp loading screen has a little corruption (subtle vertical redish lines).

With a driver installed (any version new or old), when the login screen should appear, the screen instead goes black and then the laptop monitor turns off.

With a driver installed I can boot into VGA mode, having no corruption or grahical artifacts in Windows.

Without a driver installed I can boot into Windows running 1024*768 with no corruption or graphical artifacts in Windows (but without a driver, there is no acceleration or Direct3D support etc.).

With or without a driver installed I can boot into safe mode running 1024*768 with no corruption or graphical artifacts in Windows.

If the video ram was indeed defective, I should be getting corruption regardless of resolution and being in Windows or not? But that is not the case. Could it be a defective GPU or is this somehow BIOS/driver related? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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I had this similar problem with a desktop 7600 GS with 512 RAM, after using new drivers and playing Neverwinter Nights (the first one) it screwed up.

It is possible that a segment of video RAM is defective. Because windows in safe mode at low res uses less RAM than standard mode, a functioning RAM module may be used instead of several modules. If your GPU was fried its likely that you would not get any video output. Its probably not driver or BIOS related because changing drivers has no effect.

So I think some of the video RAM modules (but not all) may be bust.

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Hi, thx for the answer.

I should propably note, that with a driver installed (and booting in VGA mode), the gfx card shows up normally in device manager without any error codes. Also Im getting no BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) errors.

I guess you are propably right, it best fits the description of faulty memory. Its just a shame a tiny error renders a gfx card with 512MB useless :)

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