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gta 4 8600m gs

Guest mhd

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hi all.i am considering buying this game, but am unsure on how well it will owrk on my laptop.i am preferably wanting above 35fps on lowest settings possible(but still in fullscreen mode).has anybody tried with 8600m gs with these settings to give me minimum,maximum and average fps.videos on youtube are not the lowest settings and so i cant obatin any answer from them.

my cpu is t7300 2ghz santa rosa

2gb ram

xp pro sp3

8600m gs (should by obvious from title xD)


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even on HD3650 is choking, and HD3650 is par with 8700m gt, go figure

gta 4 requires a really fast CPU more than a GPU, recommend specs are not for nothing a quad core.

the graphics engine alone could even run on a Nvidia 6800, but all the behind the scene processing requires allot more than just GPU power.

the non-playing characters and physics, all require cpu processing so don't expect to run this game as well as on a quad-core desktop (30fps @ 720P even).

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Guest Nismo91

i am playing GTA4 on my machine which is, should be higher than the spec u mentioned:

P8600 2.40GHz


9600M GT 512 DDR3


on medium settings, it cant run like fluid. it only gaves me 20fps in benchmark, but about 25fps in gameplay. i don't know much about the hidden tips, but when i set everything max at 1280x800, the fps only drops to 15. so it means the GTA IV problem itself that makes the game hardly run like fluid even on low settings. trust me, thousands of people are experiencing this.

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What graphics card driver you use ? :)

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Guest Nismo91

well, i use the default driver for acer 5930, which is, iianm 174.90

NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT - 512 GDDR3 + bis zu 1791 MB shared Memory MB, Core: 500 MHz, Memory: 800 MHz, nvlddmkm (ForceWare 174.90) www.Notebookcheck.net

now i installed the beta version from nvidia site. i wish i could use the modified drivers like u all, but currently i had no much free time on the net.

the funny thing is, i had a friend running a Q6600, 4GB DDR2, 9600GT 512 DDR3 at 1440x900. he told me he got about the same framerate as me, except at higher resolution. even the same, he told me at night in game, prepare for framerate drops and it happens to both of us. nvm though, now at around 25fps i experience no problem playing it, and even finish the game at 42 hours of gameplay without cheat :)

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