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mouse cursor disappearing after sleep


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I have a problem with my mouse cursor disappearing after it goes to sleep mode. Actually I did some research and and there are a lot of people that seem to have this problem but none have found a solution. We all have nvidia cards and mostly hp's laptops. It doesn't do it every time. I'd say probably 70% of the time after going to sleep which makes the issue even more confusing.

I myself am running an hp TX2000 tablet w/ AMD Turion64x2, 3gb RAM, Vista32bit, Gforce 6120 GO... right now i am using driver 181 but have had problems with all drivers i've tried including the latest updated driver of from HP to no avail. Turning on mouse trails makes the cursor visible however it does not fix the problem and can make my computer lag at times besides being annoying to look at.

I think it has something to do with the shared video memory? perhaps the cursor is stored there and lost after sleep state??? Just a shot in the dark but would there be a way to fix this if it were the case?

I know i speak for many irritated HP/Nvidia owners in saying any help would be most appreciated.

so in conclusion: Please HELLLLLP!

thanks in advance

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oh yeah i forgot to mention that this problem only occurs using an external monitor. when using both the external monitor and the laptop display, the mouse will only show up on the laptop display but not the other!!!

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You haven't mentioned the most important thing, whether you mean the trackpad or a USB mouse.

If the latter, what sort and is it directly connected?

EDIT: Anyway, I'd recommend trying 179.28 if you haven't already.

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Galdere, thanks for you suggestion. to answer your question i have a usb mouse connected but it doesnt matter what i connect. the cursor disappears but the all HID pointing devices (usb mouse, trackpad, touchscreen) still work. it seems that the video driver is to blame and not the mouse. i didn't forget but rather thought that it was irrelevant because it is a video driver problem and not hid device problem (to my understanding).

since i have noticed this issue, i have been trying drivers from 178 and up hoping it would fix the problem but it never does.

ive researched and found some people with the same problem who are using linux, running the same chipset/gfx. they 'fixed' the problem by turning the hardware cursor off in their linux driver adding a line Option "HWCursor" "off". heres a link to the page https://bugs.launchpad.net/xorg-server/+bug/63905

is there a way do do this under windows???

thanks again for your input!

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Ensure you have the latest chipset drivers.

Go into control panel>mouse>pointers>choose a standard scheme (I would try turning off trails)

As the problem only occurs when having an external monitor attached, the second display seems to be not recognised as area to move the cursor into on resuming from sleep, so I'd check that both windows and nvidia display settings are all correct for dual display.

179.28 is the most recent with the fewest problems with hibernation.

Of course you could always set it not to sleep when plugged in, if you are not using the battery when using an extra monitor.

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