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For $1500(US) What's the best desktop you can build?


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I need help with this. Give me the best shot you can give.

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if i had that money ,my choices would be like this :

processor : core2duo e8400 183$ or core2quad q9550 394$

mainboard : gigabyte ep45-dq6 321$

video card : his iceq4 ati hd 4850 gddr3 182$ or HIS ATI HD 4870X2 2GB (2x256bit) GDDR5 583$

ram : OCZ REAPER 4 GB 1066 MHz CL5 HEAT-PİPE DDR2 KİT (2x2GB) 135$

harddisk : seagate 1TB 32MB SATA2 7200RPM x2 raid0,1 130$x2 or equal

monitor : SAMSUNG SYNCMASTER T200 20" 2ms 219$


choose the best cooling case, most ergonomics mouse and keyboard ,sound system for you .

i think you can build a good configuration .

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Whoa with 1500 you can make a pretty insane core i7 build.

The mobo, processor and ram will be about 600, graphics (stick with something like 280's) which you can find for round 300 each now, get at least a 850 watt power supply (round 100 or so) and you might even be able to include a watercooling system with the couple hundred left(assuming you buy 2 gtx 280's)

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