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Dox's Optimised 181.22


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I've decided to optimise 181.22 since it fixes the crashing in Fallout 3 found in 181.20.

These only support Mobile gpus.

The resolutions table has been re-done again with extra resolutions,

this time i hope people won't get 4bit colours after installation (only affected some people).

I've also got a nice new skin for my installer.

Internal changes over 181.20

-New installer skin

-Updated tweaks slightly

-Extra resolutions (hopefully the new res table wont give people 4bit colours like my last release)

Release Highlights

-Based on official WHQL driver

-Supports all mobile cards from 6-GT100 series and quadro equivalent

-Added numerous OpenGL and DirectX performance and Image quality tweaks

-Options to install for Quality/Balance/Performance driver settings

-Added extra resolutions

-Optimised drivers

Download Links

XP_181.22 -20.2mb

Vista_181.22 -21.3mb

Vista64_181.22 -28.7mb


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