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Drivers not updating


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I posted this problem in the 18 series driver thread but due to lack of response there I'm gonna ask here:

Hey, I'm new to this site as you can probably tell. Basically I stumbled upon this site because I am trying to play Far Cry 2 on my laptop. I downloaded and installed this driver, and it said it installed successfully. However, my 8700m GT is still showing the factory driver. After reading all the faq's and stuff, and after trying several other drivers on the site, I was very thorough in my process of uninstalling my old driver(s) before upgrading to this one. I deleted the preconfigured driver and even went in to manually remove each nVidia registry entry. I started in safe mode and used the Driver Cleaner as recommended, except I actually used Driver Sweeper since Driver Cleaner Pro is no longer available for download. So after a restart, I installed the driver from scratch with the modified inf. However, my 8700m GT is still showing the stock driver version Also, nVidia PhysX seems to have installed fine, which I don't think I had originally; I'm not sure if this means anything or not. then, when i go to my video card properties, under details and then inf name it says oem59.inf, which is definitely not the modified one i installed...

my specs are

area-51 m15x


ultimate 32

geforce 8700m gt

intel core 2 duo 2.5 ghz

4 gb ram

200 gb hdd

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You don't say which driver you want or have.

What are you doing to determine the currently installed driver?

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drex223 dont worry about the oem59.inf, its nothing to do with what inf you installed.

the best way to remove completely uninstall nvidia drivers in vista is to uninstall in the control panel first.

reboot into safe mode.

then go into device manager select to uninstall standard VGA.

then run driver sweeper or driver cleaner.

this wil remove the old driver files from the vista driver repositories, something which the driver cleaner program cant do unless you uinstalled the standard vga in safe mode first.

now try to install again with the modded inf, try 181.22 or try my optimised one which doesnt need a modded inf and it has automated installation.

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ok when i check my driver version i just go to device manager, video card, properties, driver tab and it says i have version i just want any driver that will allow me to play far cry 2.

Dox I'll try yours and report back.

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Share on other sites means the driver is 185.20, I highly doubt that is your stock driver, since its a leaked driver and you are using one of the latest one out there.

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