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Gericom 1st supersonic and 8600m GT


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Hi all,

can anyone help me with my Gericom 1st supersonic?

I have a Gericom 1st supersonic PCI-E, recently the videocard a geforce 6600 128MB died then I thought to buy a 8600m GT 512MB DDR2 (MXM-II) as a video upgrade. I read in some forums that this card should be compatible with my laptop.

Here is the story:

i) I install the card but I don't see anything on the screen, the main and external screens (tried LCD and VGA) are both black.

ii) Windows is normally booting (I can hear the starting sound of windows)

The video card has an acer bios and my motherboard is a KN1 with bios gericom inc 3A28 from 2/1/2005.

What should I do?

i)Modify the acer bios? Or flash a new bios? In the second case which one should I use?

I now a guy managed to install a quadro 770M on this computer but he modified the video bios. I have no idea what parameter I should touch with NiBitor

ii) Update the KN1 bios?

In a forum I saw there is a Q3A29 out. Does anyone know if this could help the process of recognition of my video card?

iii) Send the card back an forget about this story because the 8600m GT card is not compatible with gericom 1st supersonic?

Thanks to all the good souls who could help me with this laptop.

PS: this is the card I got


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http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...em=170290260533 here is the seller who confirms that 8600gt should work with our laptops.

If windows loads it seems that card works properly.

Try Upgrade your mainboard bios to the latest.I'm using Q3B91 version


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Hi Rado32,

thanks for the answer. I did it the card is now working. The problem was just the vbios!

Now I am using a modified NVIDIA.8600MGT.512.070921 the bios version is I uploaded the bios I am using.

I have another question not related with the videocard, It's a long shot but I try anyway.

Do you know if the gericom 1st supersonic could work with the

Western Digital Scorpio WD2500BEVE 250GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache ATA-6 Notebook Hard Drive?

I saw in its specs it says up to 80gb HD. My current bios is still a 3A28 maybe the bios you suggested could help the recognition.



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Hmm, don't know if Gericom 1st supersonic will be working with 250gb, but I'm sure that limit is not 80GB, because I have 100gb hdd Hitachi (HTS541010G9AT00).

If you can put your oryginal bios from your card because I'd like compare them, why with one card works properly and with other is just black screen

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