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Dox Optimised 181.22 v1.1


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Last night I posted this and linked you to the original 181.22.

The links are now fixed so you should download the right version this time!

Sorry all, please try again and see if the fix works for you :)

Version 1.1 of my Optimised 181.22 out.

I'd like to thank Kum Zblj and Eduard for helping me out with this :)

Changes over version 1.0:

-Fixed issue with Sleep and Hibernation without disabling powermizer and turning off the nvidia service

Its worked for those who tested it. Hopefully it will work for you too.

It would be greatly apreciated you install these and report back your findings to help me improve future drivers since I am not 100% sure this fix will work for everyone.

I am working on 185.20 and I am looking to include this fix.

Download Links

XP_181.22.1 -20.2mb

Vista_181.22.1 -21.3mb

Vista64_181.22.1 -28.8mb


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