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Dox Optimised 185.20


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There is alot of interest in this driver so here is it from me. I still recommend my 181.22.1 or 180.84.1 since these were leaked and may not be as stable.

So don't blame me if you have strange problems :) . I tried to improve this where I can so checkout the release notes:

Release Highlights

-Supports all mobile cards from 6-GT100 series and quadro equivalent

-Added numerous OpenGL and DirectX performance and Image quality tweaks

-Options to install for Quality/Balance/Performance driver settings

-Added extra resolutions

-Optimised drivers

-Fixed sleep issue (not 100% sure it will work for everyone)

-Unlocked ambient occlusion setting in the Nvidia control panel (not 100% sure if all users will see this setting - Vista DX10 cards only?)

-Turned on Powermizer where it may have been disabled by default.

Download Links

XP_185.20 -20.9mb

Vista_185.20 -22.1mb

Vista64_185.20 -30.1mb


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