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keeping aero performance high


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I'm currently using the 179.28 modded drivers on vista x64, and although all my games and apps run smoothly, aero seems to lag. When I'm in-game and alt-tab, aero runs fine, but then it slows down when my system is idling and it takes a few seconds for it to "warm up/catch up" and run smoothly. Is there a setting to keep aero performance high regardless of my systems state? I'm very satisfied with the drivers, I'd just like vista windows to move without stuttering.



ps. I'm not very familiar with powermizers.

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you can force constant performance using rivatuner, but this affects your battery power and also increases heat, why do you care so much about aero?

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thanks for the response. it's not just aero, it also affects the way my windows move when i drag them, minimizing/max etc. it's sluggish.

why is it that the stock drivers i had performed well with aero etc while these do not?

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Try using the 182.05 or 178.24 nvidia drivers, (I have used both and neither have laggy aero)

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