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Replacing go7700 in Asus A8JS


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I have a friend who owns an Asus A8JS notebook. About half a year ago her LCD decided to stay black. Backlight is still working. However she could still use her laptop with an external screen. So I thought there was something wrong with a LCD cable or something. For a few days it's not working with the external screen, either, anymore.

Seldom it does work, but the colors are all wrong. White/grey text while booting is yellow, in Windows it's all green, ...

Most of the time the machine just crashes when you are trying to switch to the external screen.

So first of all, could this be a problem with the GPU ?

And more important, where can I get a replacement ? There is no warranty anymore. The card is listed in the Asus parts store for $140, but it's out of stock.

Any help will be appreciated!


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exactly my problem :)

Try to disconnect the LCD connector. it's that small thing to open right next to the ethernet/modem conectors.

It didn't solve my problem but the external monitor started to behave better.

I'm not sure it's a graphics card problem :) . I really hope so. asusparts.eu has it in stock I believe. But I wanted to know first if I can upgrade it. (lets hope they have at least 2 cards ehehe)

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